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Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Decorations

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower
Welcome your little hunny with our brand new Pooh Little Hunny baby shower supplies from Disney! Updated colors and charming contemporary designs along with the celebrated Disney characters Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, originally created by A.A. Milne are featured in this entire line of adorable Pooh Little Hunny baby shower tableware and decorations. The mom-to-be and all of her baby shower guests will be thinking cheerful thoughts when they see the sunny colors featured in yellow, turquoise, green, orange and pink on all of the delightful designed party supplies! Coordinating banners, centerpieces and solid color accessories will truly create one hunny of a baby shower celebration!
Pooh Little Hunny Invitations
Pooh Little Hunny Invitations w/Seals
Pooh Little Hunny Thank You Cards
Pooh Little Hunny 9oz Cups
Pooh Little Hunny Dinner Plates
Pooh Little Hunny Dessert Plates
Pooh Little Hunny Luncheon Napkins
Pooh Little Hunny Beverage Napkins
Pooh Little Hunny Table Cover
Pooh Little Hunny Centerpiece
Pooh Little Hunny Value Table Decorating Kit
Pooh Little Hunny Confetti
Pooh Little Hunny Banner - Letter
Pooh Little Hunny Illustrated Letter Banner Combo Pack
Pooh Little Hunny Printed Paper Garland
Pooh Little Hunny Round Paper Lanterns
Pooh Little Hunny Paper Fan Decorations
Pooh Little Hunny Hanging Swirl Decorations
Pooh Little Hunny Decorating Kit
Pooh Little Hunny Favor Bags
Pooh Little Hunny Keepsake Book
Pooh Little Hunny Latex Balloons
"Welcome Little One" Pooh 18 Inch Foil Balloon
Pooh 30 Inch SuperShape Foil Balloon
"Welcome Little One" Pooh Foil Balloon Bouquet
Winnie the Pooh 35" SuperShape Umbrella Balloon
Pooh Baby 18" Foil Balloon
Winnie The Pooh It's A Boy 18" Foil Balloon
Winnie The Pooh It's A Girl 18" Foil Balloon
Pooh Characters 11 Inch Latex Balloons 25-pack
Adorable Pooh 18 Inch Foil Balloon
Pooh & Friends Stretchy Plastic Bubble Balloon
Pooh AirWalkers 37 Inch Foil Balloon
Pooh Friendly Flower Shaped 18 Inch Foil Balloon
Classic Pooh Memory Book Keepsake
Classic Pooh Brag Book Photo Keepsake
Winnie The Pooh 3-Tier Diaper Cake
Baby Bear Organic Diaper Cake
Sweet as Can Bee Honey Pot
Sweet As Can Bee Beehive Candle Favors (Set of 4)
Teddy Bear Jars
Personalized Baby Shower Honey Jars
Honey Pot Candy Jars
Honey Pot Personalized Beverage Favors
Honey Pot Baby Shower Mint Tins
Honey Pot Personalized "Little Notes" Notebook Favors
Honey Pot Personalized Lollipop Baby Shower Favors
Personalized Honey Pot Square Baby Shower Candle Tins
Pure Beeswax Candle Favors
Winnie the Pooh Ears - Soft Headband
Piglet Ears - Soft Headband
Eeyore Soft Ears and Tail
Pooh Birthday Cone Hat With Ears
Soft Pooh Birthday Cake Hat with Candles
Buttermints Bright Pink
Buttermints Kiwi
Buttermints Yellow
Baby Shower Music CD
Have Winnie-The-Pooh, Tigger, Eyeore, & Piglet help you plan a great baby shower.

Fun Ideas for your Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower

With so many great supplies available, most of the work is done for you. To go above and beyond and add to this already wonderful baby shower theme, try some of the following:
  • If you are crafty and don't want to use our Winnie The Pooh diaper cake, make a Diaper Beehive to be the centerpiece for your Winnie the Pooh themed shower. The iconic image of Winnie the Pooh getting his head/butt/paw stuck in a beehive on his never ending quest for honey is just too fun to let go without homage.
  • Nothing says Winnie the Pooh like honey, and nothing says country home like apples. What does this get you? Honey glazed apples. This sweet treat is fun finger food, and healthier than a caramel apple. Simply take thick skewers - or for extra added fun, use the end of a honey drizzler - and stab them into fairly small apples. Dip each of the apples into a bowl of honey, remove it, and roll it in the air above the bowl until the excess honey drips off. Set these honey glazed apples on wax paper on a plate and refrigerate them until serving.
  • A great recipe to try out a Winnie the Pooh baby shower would be Honey Cake, or honey cupcakes. These sweet, spice muffins contain honey, coffee, and a few other fun ingredients that make it a welcome alternative to cake. Make a batch of cupcakes with a honey buttercream frosting for a real treat!
  • Keep the Winnie the Pooh shower fun and silly with a rousing game of Pin the Tail on Eeyore. Either draw or print out and mount a blown up picture of the adorable mopey donkey without his tail, and make the tails separately. Each guest will be blindfolded and spun around three times before they get to attempt to pin poor Eeyore’s tail on. For a real surprise in the spirit of this Donkey - who declares himself a loser quite often, give the prize to the guest who is the farthest away - but leave that as a surprise for the end of the game.
  • A variation on the classic diaper changing games common to baby showers, try a game in which each guest must attempt to change the diaper of a Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal. Each guest is timed, and rather than having mittens on, each guest has to dip their hands in honey and try to change the diaper. This game may sound like a sticky mess, but it is a great way to get everyone laughing, and can be used as a segue into homegrown manicures - honey is a great moisturizer.
  • Last but not least, have supplies for a little arts and crafts section. Each person gets to decorate their own honey jar. This makes for a fun activity and a great party favor. Your mom-to-be is sure to love the vintage country feel afforded to her by this Winnie the Pooh themed shower.

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