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Baby Shower Teddy Bear Themes

We offer a variety of Teddy Bear baby shower themes for you to choose from, all at great savings.
We carry a great selection of Teddy Bear shower themes each will a complete line of invitations, decorations and table ware to help you host the perfect baby shower. Choose from the classic Winnie The Pooh styled theme, or the Pink and Blue Precious Bear patterns (which feature a traditional stuffed bear.)
Great ideas and tips from our party planners for a stuffed teddy bear baby shower.

Decoration Ideas for Teddy Bear Baby Shower Theme

A baby shower is the perfect time to get nostalgic. And there’s nothing more nostalgic than a teddy bear! If you love stuffed bears as much as we do, how about celebrating your new baby’s arrival with a Baby Shower Teddy Bear Theme event? We have chosen some of the cutest teddy bears around and have everything you need to celebrate in true bear style. If you are having a Teddy Bear baby shower you have to have a teddy bear’s picnic! If it’s warm enough, hold the party outside. Bring plenty of picnic blankets and lay them on the grass. If you prefer to hold your picnic indoors, give your room a garden theme. Cover your tables with Lime Green table covers and buy fresh flowers. No bear party is complete without balloons. Tie them into big clusters for an impressive look. And don’t forget to ask your guests to bring along their favorite bear. Have helium filled balloons with string ready to tie to the bears, and have these festive creatures add a touch of whimsy to your event.

The perfect food, favors, & activities for a Teddy Bear Shower

So what are the traditional foods in a teddy bear’s picnic? We’ve asked our teddy bear expert who lives in Ashdown Forest in England, home to Winnie-the-Pooh!
  • Prepare plenty of sandwiches. Remove the crusts and cut into little triangles. Fill with peanut butter, cream cheese, jam, honey or jelly. If you prefer a little more sophistication, offer mini bagels or croissants – although these are not traditional teddy fare.
  • Cut meat burgers with a bear-shaped cookie cutter and make eyes from olives and a mouth from a carrot strip.
  • Prepare pinwheel sandwiches. Flatten bread with a rolling pin, or use flour tortillas. Spread with cream cheese, turkey or other fillings. Then place on cellophane and roll tightly. Pop in the refrigerator for 2 hours, then cut into pieces and hold together with toothpicks.
  • Prepare jell-o in oranges. Cut oranges in half, then scoop out the flesh. Prepare your jell-o and pour into the half orange. Place in the refrigerator to set. When they are ready, cut the oranges into quarters. Use different colors for maximum wow factor!
  • Offer shortbread, scones and cup cakes.
  • For beverages, serve tea or iced tea . Cider was traditionally drunk in the woods, but if you’re going alcohol-free, lemonade or raspberry lemonade make great substitutes.
Prior to your picnic, you could prepare a bear forage, hiding things such as Buttermints Brown or Personalized Chocolate Baby Favors. Give your guests a list of the items they have to find before winter sets in – or time runs out. Another fun game is getting your guests to guess how many cinnamon bears there are in a jar.

A delightful idea to make your Teddy Bear Shower extra special is to create a bear keepsake for Mom-to-be. Buy an unstuffed teddy from a craft store. Buy red flannel and cut out hearts for your guests to write a wish on for the new baby. Copy their wishes on the back of a bear birth certificate. When the hearts have been written on, put them inside the bear, finish stuffing and sew or tie shut. We have a fabulous selection of honey-themed favors. Our teddy bear expert’s favorites include the Sweet As Can Bee Beehive Candle Favors and the Honey Pot Personalized Lollipop Baby Shower Favors. Alternatively give a jar of honey from your local producer, or give out our personalized baby shower honey jars as favors.