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Precious Moments Party Supplies & Decorations

Precious Moments

Host a beautiful Precious Moments baby shower!

For more than 30 years, Precious Moments has been sharing the gift of love by celebrating life’s most special moments; and one of life’s most blessed occasions is the welcoming of a new baby! The beautiful Precious Moments children, with their unique teardrop eyes and loving and caring messages of encouragement, are the perfect choice for commemorating the special occasion of the birth of a baby.

Under license from Precious Moments, Hallmark has reintroduced this very popular design. This Precious Moments pattern includes designs for both boys and girls in soft pastel colors; blue with yellow and green accents for boys and pink with yellow and green accents for girls. The tablecloth, centerpiece, and letter banner all coordinate with both the boy and girl baby shower supplies.
Precious Moments Baby Boy Shower Invitations
Precious Moments Baby Boy Thank You Cards
Precious Moments Baby Girl Shower Invitations
Precious Moments Baby Girl Thank You Cards
Precious Moments Baby Boy 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Precious Moments Baby Boy 9 Inch Dinner Plates
Precious Moments Baby Girl 7 Inch Dessert Plates
Precious Moments Baby Girl 9 Inch Dinner Plates
Precious Moments Baby Boy Drink Napkins
Precious Moments Baby Boy Lunch Napkins
Precious Moments Baby Girl Drink Napkins
Precious Moments Baby Girl Lunch Napkins
Precious Moments Baby Boy Drink Cups
Blue Cross Confetti
Precious Moments Baby Girl Drink Cups
Pink Cross Confetti
Precious Moments Shower Table Cover
Precious Moments Centerpiece Decoration
Precious Moments Letter Banner Decoration
Buttermints Blue with Cross
Buttermints Baby Boy
Buttermints Pink with Cross
Buttermints Baby Girl
Jordan Almonds - Blue - 9 oz
Mini Cascading Silver & Blue Crosses Centerpiece
Jordan Almonds - Pink - 9 oz
Mini Cascading Silver & Pink Crosses Centerpiece
Blue Cross Organza Bags
Sweet Blessing Blue Favor Bags
Pink Cross Organza Bags
Sweet Blessing Pink Favor Bags
Prince Crown Themed Blue Key Chain Favor
Blue Prince Photo Frame Favors
Princess Crown Themed Pink Key Chain Favor
Pink Princess Photo Frame Favors
Religious Themed Favors
Pastel Blue Plates - 7-inch
Pastel Blue Cups - 9 ounce
Pastel Blue Plates - 9-inch
Silk Blue Latex Balloons - 12 inch
Pastel Blue Curl Ribbon
Pastel Blue Cutlery - 24 pieces
Pastel Blue Drink Napkins
Pastel Blue Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Pastel Blue Lunch Napkins
Pastel Blue 18" Star Foil Balloon
Pastel Blue Crepe Streamer
Pastel Blue Tablecover
Classic Pink Plates - 7-inch
Classic Pink Cups - 9 ounce
Classic Pink Plates - 9-inch
Classic Pink Curl Ribbon
Classic Pink Cutlery - 24 pieces
Classic Pink Drink Napkins
Classic Pink Lunch Napkins
Classic Pink Crepe Streamer
Classic Pink Tablecover
Radiant Pink Balloons - 12 inch
Silk Pink Balloons - 12 inch
Pink Heart 18" Foil Balloon
Lavender Plates - 7-inch
Lavender Cups - 9 ounce
Lavender Plates - 9-inch
Lavender Curl Ribbon
Lavender Cutlery - 24 pieces
Lavender Drink Napkins
Lavender Lunch Napkins
Lavender 18" Star Foil Balloon
Lavender Crepe Streamer
Lavender Tablecover
Pearl Lavender Balloons - 12 inch
Light Yellow Plates - 7-inch
Light Yellow Cups - 9 ounce
Light Yellow Plates - 9-inch
Light Yellow Curl Ribbon
Light Yellow Cutlery - 24 pieces
Light Yellow Drink Napkins
Light Yellow Lunch Napkins
Light Yellow Crepe Streamer
Light Yellow Tablecover
Silk Yellow Balloons - 12 inch
Silver Plates - 7-inch
Silver Plates - 9-inch
Silver Cups - 9 ounce
Shining Platinum Latex Balloons - 12 inch
Silver Curl Ribbon
Silver Drink Napkins
Silver Lunch Napkins
Silver Crepe Streamer
Silver Tablecover

Celebrate new life with Precious Moments

A baby shower is a time to celebrate new life, enjoy the company of family and friends, and share advice on parenting with the expectant mom. A Precious Moments Baby themed baby shower is a delightful way to celebrate baby's upcoming arrival. Soft pastel colors, endearing designs and the adorable Precious Moments babies make this an irresistible baby shower theme! Our party planners have come up with some unique ideas for hosting a 'precious' Precious Moments baby shower. Maybe you will see an idea or two to incorporate into your baby shower!

A precious idea for baby

A nursery library is born when guests bestow copies of their favorite childhood books. When sending out your Precious Moments Baby shower invites, request that each guest, as part of their gift, bring a copy of their favorite childhood book. Ask each guest to write a personalized message on the inside cover to baby. Books can be shared as the expectant mom opens her gifts.

Invite each guest to write their own precious, treasured parenting advice. Set decorative cards out on a special table and ask guests to share their own tried-and-true parenting advice. Have a basket decorated to match the Precious Moments theme for guests to place their cards in. These cards can be kept as keepsakes in the baby book.

Precious decorations

The Precious Moments design is soft and understated, with sweet pastel colors and adorable babies. Our decorating suggestions are ephemeral and fit the 'precious' theme perfectly.
  • Use a sleigh-style or regular crib as a serving table for your dessert buffet. The canopy netting, pom pom clouds and balloons will create a dreamy effect.
    How to assemble:
    Remove the front railing panel and mattress and cover the crib mattress platform with a crib skirt, baby blankets, Precious Moments Baby tablecover, or fabric of your choice.
    Attach canopy netting from the ceiling directly above the crib and let it hang down around the crib to form a canopy. (You can purchase canopy nettings in a variety of colors either online or at a local home décor retailer).
    Using clear fishing line or ribbon, suspend a crib mobile directly over the center of the crib, a Precious Moments one if possible, so it hangs about 2-3 feet above the top rail of the crib.
    Float color-coordinating solid-colored helium-filled balloons on the ceiling so they circle around where you attached the canopy netting to the ceiling; the balloons will obscure it.
    Suspend three tulle flower pomanders from the ceiling above the crib. (Directions to make follow).
    Add a fresh flower bouquet (or two to balance out the table depending on how your desserts are arranged) in colors that match the Precious Moments theme.

    If you do not have access to a crib, any table can be substituted for a crib. Decorate following the directions above and you'll create a beautiful display for your delicious desserts.

  • Tulle Pom Poms
    What you will need:
    6 inch wide tulle (one 25 yard spool will make about 9 pom poms)
    Fabric coated wire
    Stick-on rhinestones (10-12 per pom pom)
    A piece of heavy cardstock
    Fishing line
    Scissors and wire cutters
    How to make one pom pom:
    Cut a length of tulle about 2 ˝ yds long
    Cut a scrap of cardstock to measure 4 x 6 inches
    Wrap the length of tulle around the width of the card until you reach the end of the piece of tulle
    Carefully slide the tulle off the card
    Cut a 2 inch piece of coated wire and twist it around the center of the tulle bundle to create a bow shape
    Slide your scissors through the tulle bow loops and carefully cut the ends on each side
    Begin pulling the tulle layers towards the center. Fluff and shape your pom pom. Trim any extra long pieces to make your poof round
    Stick your rhinestones in a random pattern on the poof; press securely so they stick
    To hang:
    To hang individual pom poms, thread a needle with the desired length of fishing line and knot the end
    Run the line through the center of the poof and hang
    To make a garland, thread the needle with the desired length of fishing line and knot the end
    String your pom poms on the line and knot the other end
    Two spools of tulle should make a garland approximately 4 ˝ feet long

  • Precious Garland
    Hang a ribbon to fashion as a garland and, using clothespins, pin your 'Wishes for Baby' activity cards onto it. Invite each guest to write their own wishes for baby. Have guests repin their cards on the clothesline. After the shower, the expectant mom can save these keepsakes for the baby book.

    To make 'Wishes for Baby' cards you will need cardstock and paper of your choice. Create a template on your computer with the following information:

    Wishes for Baby:
    I hope you love:
    I hope you learn:
    I hope you laugh:
    I hope you never forget:
    I hope you aren't afraid:
    I hope you ignore:
    I hope you get:
    I hope you become:
    I hope you respect:
    I hope you grow:

    And just a little note:

    You can add any graphics, borders or embellishments that you wish. Print out enough copies for each guest. A recommended size for the card is 5x7", but you can make it smaller or bigger depending on your preference. Cut out each card and glue it to a cardstock backing. You can use a paper cutter, straight edge or decorative edge scissors to do so. Punch two evenly spaced holes at the top of the card and thread a ribbon through the holes. Tie into a bow on the front of the card. Hang each card on your garland. Be sure to set out a container of pens for guests to use.

Precious treats

Consider forgoing the customary cake and opt for serving a wider array of individual dessert options to your guests. Arrange each on a pretty, decorative serving platter and place on your dessert buffet:
  • Petit Fours decorated in pastel colors that coordinate with the theme
  • Cake pops dipped in white chocolate and embellished with pastel sprinkles. Display them upright in a glass container filled with pastel candies
  • Glass dessert cups filled with a layered dessert, like raspberry mousse and whipped cream; adorn each with a Pirouline cookie
  • Cupcakes decorated with pastel frosting and silver and white dragees and tied with a bow in a pastel ribbon.