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Jungle Themed Baby Shower Decorations

For the best selection on the Internet, check out our three different themes for Jungle Baby Shower supplies and decorations!

Is that mom-to-be a wild child? Throw her a jungle themed baby shower that’s sure to have her and all of the guests roaring. Animal prints are popular and easy to find, making decorating not only simple, but lots of fun. Have guests get friendly with the monkeys and let their wild side come out.

With all of your party and decoration needs taken care of, you’re on your way to a baby shower that no one will forget. A jungle-themed party is a creative way to honor a mom-to-be and lets her be Queen of the Jungle for the day. Find your perfect Jungle Baby shower themes all at great savings and ready to ship. Fun and adorable these themes feature decorations, invitations and more all sure to make you smile.

8 different examples of jungle baby shower decorating themes.

Ideas for planning a jungle themed baby shower

Here’s how to throw the wildest jungle baby shower ever:
  • A jungle themed baby shower begins with wild invitations. If you don't want to use the invitations that match our themes, use animal print papers or jungle-themed stickers and rubber stamps to get your guests ready for the baby safari. For a little extra fun and flair, encourage guests to dress in animal prints and safari attire.
  • Decorating you party space to match this theme is simple. Colors like brown, green, and black are good background colors to offset brighter accents like our king and queen of the jungle party plates. Incorporate solid brightly colored silverware and balloons. Start with a centerpiece of tropical flowers like bird of paradise and tiger lilies. Adorn your serving table with stuffed jungle animals, bunches of bananas, rubber snakes, a compass, binoculars and blow-up animal figures. Scatter groups of large houseplants and trees throughout the room.
  • When guests arrive, place a straw safari hat on each of their heads. Take pictures of your guests in their safari attire or with a large blow-up jungle animal. Get the photos developed and give a copy to mom and to the individual as a remembrance from the day.
  • For a jungle-themed menu, grill kebabs on bamboo skewers. Use an assortment of meat, chicken and vegetables. Side dishes like curry rice, raw vegetable platters and tropical fruit salad are great complements. For dessert, serve cupcakes decorated like jungle animals or frosted in animal print colors. For example, swirl black and white frosting to look like a zebra, or orange and black to look like a tiger. Oreo dirt cups with gummy insects and worms are also a great dessert for a jungle baby shower. Bamboo trays and grass placemats add to the theme. A jungle juice punch can be made with fruit juices and Sprite. Float cut fruit like pineapple and kiwi. Or serve piña coladas for adult guests.
  • Games like jungle charades are sure to have your crowd roaring. Write the names of jungle animals on slips of paper and divide your guests into two groups. Players choose a slip and try to act out the animal for their team. The team that guesses the most animals wins. Unscrambling games using jungle-related words gives a themed twist on a baby shower favorite. Make a jungle trivia quiz to see who knows the most about jungles and rainforests.
  • Great baby shower party favors include boxes of animal crackers, trail mix, a bag of Hershey Hugs (swirled wrappers), a bunch of bananas and anything animal printed. Special gifts for game winners might include animal printed scarves and hair bands or African themed jewelry.