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Bundle of Joy Baby Shower Supplies & Decorations

Great discounts on this stork inspired decorating theme.
What a great way to welcome your new little bundle of joy. This fun baby shower theme features a cute little stork in soft shades of yellow and green perfect for when the sex of the baby is unknown. We carry a complete selection of invitations banners and tableware to complete your decor.
Ideas & tips for a stork themed, bundle of joy baby shower.

Stork Inspired Bundle Of Joy Baby Shower Ideas

One of the most recognizable images of newborn babies is the stork carrying a little bundle, so itís no wonder that our Bundle of Joy Baby Shower Decorations is one of our most popular themes. With that adorable stork and the pale yellow design, itís perfect for Moms-to-be who appreciate all things traditional. The legend about storks bringing babies originated in northern Europe. It was believed that the souls of unborn children lived in marshes, wells and ponds. As storks often visited such habitats, people thought that they fetched babiesí souls and delivered them to their parents. Storks were encouraged to nest on homes in the hope that they would bring fertility and prosperity.

Our professional party planners have come up with some tips on how best to use our cute Bundle of Joy theme for a memorable baby shower. The pale yellow theme is beautifully complemented by our pastel blue table cover, napkins or cups. Alternatively our lavender or lime green tableware would work equally well. Decorate your table by scattering Bundle of Joy Confetti and include a centerpiece such as the stunning Yellow Gerbera Daises Diaper Cake. Use vases of flowers, preferably in whites and yellows to match the theme. These can be made to look even more beautiful by placing them on mirrors laid flat on the table. Itís amazing how a mirror can look like a pond visited by a stork, especially if you hang a Bundle of Joy Cutout stork above it! Eggs can also add to the theme. You could blow out eggs as is traditionally done at Easter and then paint their shells. Alternatively, get your guests to do the painting themselves for a unique going home gift!

Choose food that is easy to prepare but is nutritious and tastes delicious. If you are hosting your baby shower in the afternoon, why not turn it into a traditional tea party? You could offer little tarts and scones, accompanied by jam and cream. Bite-size sandwiches are always popular, as are cup cakes decorated with pale yellow icing and topped with our Jordan Almonds in silver or gold. If you fancy food with a difference, you could create lots of little bundles of food. Examples include cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon, bite-sized meat or rice wrapped in vine leaves or figs wrapped in Parma ham.

The best baby showers are carefully planned, and include plenty of games for guests to enjoy. The perennial childrenís favorite of pin the tail on the donkey can be given a baby shower twist by using a large picture of a stork and getting guests to pin the bundle onto the stork. You could also create an egg hunt around your house or party venue. For a more sedentary game, prepare some anagrams using baby-themed words such as pacifier, diaper pin or sleepless night! Donít forget to give your guests their own baby shower favor. Nothing could be more appropriate than our Nest Egg Soap In Pink and Blue - a unique gift that could even have been delivered by the stork himself!