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Baby Shower Candle Favors

A great selection of molded, shaped, and votive candle favors, as well as personalized candle favors for your baby shower.
A warm reminder of your special day, these baby shower candles are sure to be a favorite favor choice for your guests. From sweet to silly, baby shower candle favors can brighten up a baby shower of any theme. These cutesy, quirky little favors come in a variety of colors and shapes - from vibrant and exciting to muted and classy.
Adorable Baby Boy Owl Candle Favors
Adorable Baby Girl Owl Candle Favors
Adorable Baby Blue Carriage Candle Favors
Adorable Baby Pink Carriage Candle Favors
Nest Tealight Holder (Set of 4)
Cross Themed Candle Holders
Jungle Critters Votive Candle Holder
Teacups and Tealights Mini Tealight Holders
Heaven Scent Votive
Baby's First Bottle Candle (Set of 4)
"Bun in the Oven" Scented Candle (Set of 4)
Blue Baby Bootie Sneaker Design Candle
Pink Baby Bootie Sneaker Design Candle
Noah's Ark Candles
Noah And Friends Votive Candle Holder
It's a Boy! or "It's a Girl!" Giftbox Candles - Set of 4
Yellow Duck Candle in Clear Box
Pure Beeswax Candle Favors
"Sweet as Can Bee!" Bumblebee Candles
Sweet As Can Bee Beehive Candle Favors (Set of 4)
Heartstrings Scented Votive
Two Peas In A Pod Candle
Baby Carriage Candle Blue Trim With Gift Box
Glass Pink Heart-Shaped Rhinestone Candleholder
Glass Blue Heart-Shaped Rhinestone Candleholder
Angelic Candle Holder Favors
Baby On Board Candle Favors
Silver Cross Themed Candle Favors
Blue Cupcake Design Candle Favors
Pink Cupcake Design Candle Favors
Favor Saver Collection Baby Girl Themed Candle Favors
Personalized Square Baby Shower Candle Tins
Personalized Baby Shower Round Travel Candle Tins
Enchanting Love Birds Candle Favors
"B is for Baby" Lettered Baby Block Candle (Set of 4)
"Sweetie Pie" Scented Cherry Pie Candle (Set of 4)
"Born to be Wild" Animal Candles (Set of 4 Assorted)
Queen of the Jungle Pink Candle Favor
Adorable Monkey Candle Favor
Angel Designed Candle Holder Favors
Regal Favor Collection Angel Themed Candle Holder Favors
Baby Block Design Scented Candle Favors
Unique Baby-Themed Candle Favors
Blue Crown Design Scented Candle Favors
Pink Crown Design Scented Candle Favors
Blue Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Pink Baby Bottle Candle Favors
Two Peas In A Pod Collection Candle Favors
Bun in the Oven Cinnamon Bun Candle Favors
Teddy Bear-Inspired Delectable Mini Pink Cupcake Candle Favors
Perfect to give as favors, we've got a lot of baby themed candles.

Ideas to use candles as baby shower favors

Baby shower candle favors make for a fun, take away reminder of the special time that was had at the baby shower. Candle favors can also be used to decorate cakes and cupcakes, to spruce up a baby shower venue or to tie together a theme:
  • Candle favors can be hidden amongst the setting of a shower theme. For example: the Teacups and Tealights Mini Tealight Holders look just like baroquely decorated teacups, perfect to hide in a fancy-themed baby shower such as “Little Princess” or “Alice in Wonderland.”
  • Other cute baby shower candle favors that don’t need to blend in with a theme as much are “baby on board” and “bun in the over” candle favors. For some added fun, try buying personalized candle favor tins to make the mom-to-be feel a little extra special during her baby shower, and after.
  • Baby shower favor candles can be dressed up by adding 3-D decorations like tying ribbons around them or gluing buttons or small jewels onto them. Adding glitter to make the favors pop a bit more is a fun idea. Building small construction paper or tag board base for it, or even clay if you’re feeling ambitious, is a way to to add layers and dynamics to your baby shower décor - as well as a home made touch.
  • Try to find a way to incorporate baby candle favors into party games, like, seeing who can blow out a candle from the farthest distance away. Start with one, and then try the same game with 2 and then 3. Don’t let anybody pass out from blowing too hard, but this game will get you all making some funny faces!
  • Candles as favors make great accessories to diaper cakes. Make a ring of candle favors around it, and then put one on the top. This will enhance the “cake-like” appearance, and you can even have the mom-to-be blow them all out like candles on a birthday cake!
  • These candle favors are a good way to cast soft warm light to match the soft warm feelings shared at baby showers. Whatever your theme, don’t forget to pick out some fun designs to please the special mom-to-be.