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Baby Shower Animal Themes

Jungle Animals, Noah's Ark, Winnie the Pooh, Storks, Frogs, Teddy Bears, Duckies, and more!

It’s a jungle out there, and sometimes, to moms-to-be, it probably feels like a jungle inside her baby bump too. So why not make light of that fact by throwing her an animal themed baby shower! With all sorts of themes to choose from, you are sure find something to fit mom’s tastes, from crazy to cutesy!

For a wild mom who knows her baby’s gender, try Wild Safari Blue or Wild Safari Pink, each featuring mod, chic colors and designs on their complete set of décor and favors to fit the most extravagant of shower needs. Each can be paired with additional shades of pink and blue, or more uniquely, rich chocolate browns - perfect for a fun and fashionable shower.

Thanks to this cocoa color, these themes can both be mixed and matched with decorations, cutlery, and favors from the Jungle Baby Shower Theme - featuring an equally chic set of decorations that feature more gender neutral colors and animals. On the other end of the spectrum are the soft pastel Bundle of Joy Stork Theme, Rubber Ducky Theme and Teddy Bear Theme shower decoration – all equally fun, and in a different color schemes. Animal Themed Baby Shower decorations offer something for everyone, especially, or course, mom-to-be!

Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!  Animal baby shower themes of every sort!.

Ideas & tips for animal themed baby showers

The ideas to create a fun and fab animal baby shower are rather infinite, especially with all of the different decorating themes that you can mix and match. Here are a few absolute musts to maximize the wild fun:
  • Decorating for an animal themed baby shower is fun and easy! Color, color and more color should be your guide. Use green patterned wrapping paper on the door and some wall space to make it feel like the jungle canopy. Wrap standing lamps in fake tropical flowers; use cotton batting attached to the walls to recreate the look of a steamy jungle, and of course, hide stuffed animals on shelves, chairs, and peeking out behind bookcases and table legs to complete the feel of a wild experience in the safety of home!
  • A fun activity to get everyone to know each other would be a name tag decorating activity. Everyone takes a sheet of animal print scrapbook paper, some glitter, and some markers and designs a fun name tag for themselves with their favorite animal written on it. When everyone is done, they can introduce themselves and talk about their favorite animals together. The activity not only incorporates the animal theme, but it also gets people talking about them.
  • A great baby shower game to play throughout the shower would be a sort of scavenge hunt. Hide pictures of animals in your decorations, and give each guest a note card with a full list of the hidden animals. Over the course of the day, as they find the hidden critters, they can write down where they are. At the end of the party, see who found the most and give them a little prize!
  • Another fun animal themed game would be a sort of charades, get to know you, and truth or dare game rolled into one. Get a kiddy pool, and fill it with water and rubber ducks. On the bottom of each duck, with a permanent marker, write “I never,” a truth question, a dare, or a funny animal to act out. The guests draw ducks until they are gone, and enjoy the entertainment that ensues.
  • A fun and fab centerpiece to match an animal baby shower theme of any variety, but especially the Wild Safari Pink and Blue variety, is a chocolate fondue fountain. Set on a table decorated with a green table cloth and little animal print plates adorned with chopped fruit, animal crackers, and sugar cookies in the shape of animal foods like palm leaves, doggie bones, and fish, will make the fountain feel like a magical chocolate waterfall one might find in the middle of the jungle. For extra added jungle fun, decorate the table with fake tropical looking flowers or flower petals.